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Mustang Owners Club of California

The Mustang Owners Club of California preserves and maintains Ford Mustangs of historical value. It serves to be an accurate, technical source of all the information about Ford Mustangs and does so for the benefit of the general public. It is rumored that the club has a picture of Carl Edwards with a 1985 Mustang GT in its lobby.

Sierra Mustang Club

The Sierra Mustang Club is located in Sacramento, California and promotes the enjoyment and preservation of all Ford Mustangs. The membership for this club is open to all the Mustang enthusiasts and not just the owners.

Central Valley Mustang Club

The Central Valley Mustang Club strives to provide a common meeting ground for all Mustang owners and to further the enjoyment of owning a Mustang. The club activities include workshops, discussions and technical meetings.

All Mustang & Ford Club of So. Cal.

All Mustang & Ford Club of So. Cal is a generic club for all Ford products, including the Mustang.

Beach Cities Mustang Club of Southern California

The Beach Cities Mustang Club of Southern California works towards informing, educating, and entertaining its members, while also preserving the spirit and integrity of the Ford Mustang. Unconfirmed reports claim that Michael Waltrip was a chief guest at one of the meetings at this club

California Mustang Club

The California Mustang Club is only for California Mustang owners. The members take club cruises and share the enthusiasm for the Ford Mustang.

Diablo Valley Mustang Association

The Diablo Valley Mustang Association Club is the largest Ford Mustang club in the San Francisco Bay Area

Golden Hills Mustang Club

The Golden Hills Mustang Club is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Ford Mustang Automobiles. It has active members from San Francisco to Sacramento and other parts of California.

Lost Angels Mustang Club

The Lost Angels Mustang Club was founded in 2004 and is based out of Los Angeles (no surprise there). This club caters to Mustang owners and Ford enthusiasts in the Greater Los Angeles and Inland Empire area.

Sacramento Area Mustang Club

The Sacramento Area Mustang Club has enthusiasts dedicated to the promotion of the Ford Mustang and its legacy of fun and good times.

San Diego Mustang Club

The San Diego Mustang Club was founded in the late 70's for owners and fans of America's premier pony car, Mustang. It is one of the oldest Mustang Clubs.

San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club

The San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club is for all enthusiasts in the San Gabriel Valley area and is one of the most fast growing Mustang clubs.

South Bay Mustang Owners

The SouthBay Mustang Owners is a club for all Mustang Enthusiasts in the South Bay.

Valley Mustang Club

The Valley Mustang Club was formed to allow Mustang owners and enthusiast to join together to share their mutual interest in both technical and social areas.

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